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prioritize animal foods

animal foods contain the most bioavailable protein and nutrients per calorie. consume animal foods liberally including meats, organs, animal fats, and bone stock.

avoid most toxic things

the most important things to avoid are isolated sugars, grains including wheat, and highly-processed plant-based oils such as hydrogenated oils, corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, and vegetable oil.

stay active all day

move constantly. walk in the morning. take breaks to move during the day, changing your positions, avoiding stagnant positions. walk in the evening. this will do more for your fitness than anything else you can do.

be consistent

be consistent with your rise time and bed time so your body can fully commit to sleep. be consistent with your health habits in general. consistency with health habits over time is magnitudes better than small, sporadic, infrequent bursts.

mimic the day during the day

your sleep depends on the natural cycles of light and dark. get early morning natural light into your eyes as soon as possible. get sun throughout the day into your eyes and on your skin.

commit to quiet time

spend time in solitude daily. journal. reflect. envision. meditate. go on solitary walks. practice being present.

prepare for unexpected

minimize your bills. maximize your savings. optimize your possessions. simplify everything.

plants in moderation

eat plants with awareness. many plants contain anti-nutrients that cause digestive issues and other symptoms. eat carbs from real food sources in moderate amounts.

embrace space

resist the urge to snack all the time. “space” is where the body learns how to use its own body fat for fuel. embrace periods of not eating. experiment with different types and durations of fasts.

focus on resistance training

resistance training makes you strong, capable, and builds muscle and bone. the more muscle you have, and the stronger your bones, the longer you live. resistance train every body part 1 or 2 times per week.

sleep as much as you need

sleep is when the body heals, recovers, recuperates, resets metabolism, fights off malignancy and optimizes the mind and emotions so you can live better the next day. prioritize sleep as much as you need, between 7 and 9 hours of bed time.

mimic the night during the night

as you get close to bedtime, minimize your stimulus. avoid bright lights. minimize exposure to TV, computers, and smartphones. chill out and relax. make your bedroom dim, dark, and cool.


spend time disconnecting from the modern world. take off your shoes. go barefoot. get out in nature. go for a hike. go camping.

simplify your life

minimize your bills. maximize your savings. optimize your possessions. simplify everything.